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Table Tents

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Table Tents

Table sings are the place holders which are used on tables and desks to show information like name and designation of the person in charge. These tents are used by companies, stores and other organizations who have placed a representative on desks.

The table tents are used to give the rank, designation in the company as well as the name and other personal information of the person which is sitting behind the desk. These tents have become the primary way of showing necessary information without the need to ask the person in general.

The tablet tens are usually offered in customized ways where each tent can be printed with your desired text on them. You can also choose to have the tents printed in any unique shape which lets get your desired design for the table tent.

Different materials are used for the printing of tents where options like paper, cardboard and plastics are offered. Paper printed tents look simple and they are used when you don’t want to add too many details. The cardboard printed table tents have rigidness and are preferred by most people. The plastic printed tents have hard but, a glossy look which makes them attractive as well as durable. The vinyl printed table tents can also have transparency.

We offer the table tent printing in different packages where each one it designed to keep the pricing to the minimum with a maximum quantity of the table tens. Free shipment is also offered to keep the overall pricing to the minimum.

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