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Rack Cards

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Rack Cards

Rack Cards are those kind of marketing cards which are usually used by companies and stores to promote their products by displaying them on counters. These cards are printed in small compact sizes and they are put on specifically made racks.

The cards are designed with the aim to promote some products of the companies and the services are also mentioned on them. These cards can consist of multiple pages or single page and they are usually places at places where they are expected to get more exposure like front desks in office and sales counters.

The rack cards are printed on different kind of materials where the paper is the most preferred one as it looks simple but, the correct design makes them look eye catching.

We offer custom rack card printing services which allow us to print as many texts on them as the custom requires and the full-color option enables us to use a variety of colors on the cards. Any kind of image can also be printed on the rack cards by using the full-color option.

Our customers can also choose to have the rack cards personalized with options like embossing and stamping where foiling is also offered. Foiling can be done on the cards in gold or silver. UV coating on the cards allows adding an extra protection layer to protect them from scratches.

All the rack cards are printed at cheap rates by us and you can also choose to have them delivered to your desired address free of cost.

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