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Invitation Cards

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Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are a special type of the cards which are sent to invite someone to the birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, company events, party invitation, academic prize distribution, convocation or some other social get together. These cards are typically printed on the special type of paper / cardboard and printed beautifully in order to look fine at the occasion. Textured or water color surface paper and cardboard are widely and extensively applied to print them.

Four different types of the cards, printed for you by Iprintingco.com, are; anniversary, bridal shower, party and wedding invitation card are among a large type of invitation cards which can be printed for you at your desire and demand. These cards can be printed in any color, shape, size or design, depending on you and your requirements. The images and text on them are provided you as per the occasion.

Paper (superfine / thick, white, shining white, single colored, multi-colored, light reflecting, glazed or laminated) or the soft cardboard of excellent quality can be utilized to print the cards for invitation. Different type of material can be used for the printing of different type of invitation.

Similarly, the images and text can be printed with different combinations of rich, dense, glowing, shining, sharp, lively, vibrant and eye-catching colors while for the serious occasions, such as, promotion or convocation, CMYK basic colors are wide applied to print inviting cards. Embossing and the stamping on them cards are an industry norm.

Cheap and the best quality printed invitation cards are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States.

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