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Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a hot popular method of greet some on some special occasion when face to face or verbal communication is not possible. Typically, cards are printed for many occasions, such as birthdays, wedding/engagement event / anniversary, academic success, employment / promotion in employment or on the occasion of some startup. The cards for greeting are printed with exceptionally beautiful images and sentiments are widely purchased and sent around the World.

Five different types and designs of the such cards, being offered by the Iprintingco.com are; 10x7, 7x5, 8.5x6, Die-Cut and folded greeting cards. These range of the cards for greeting purposes, offered by us, can be printed in any size, any combination of colors and any shape, depending your target market. You may get any type of the message or images on the greeting cards, as per your choice and popularity of the type in the market.

The typical material, applied to print these cards is thick, best quality, superfine, white, colored, multi-colored, shining, light/colors reflecting, glazed and laminated paper but some of the cards are printed on some embossed paper.

Similarly, the images and text message on the cards for the greeting are printed in beautiful, full, eye-catching and sober colors, depending upon the event. Embossing and stamping are widely applied in the printing of them while the high-priced and ones are sent on special occasions can be printed on Gold/Silver foiled material.

The cheap and best quality greeting cards are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.                

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