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Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes are used for two basic purposes; to pack ashipment of the mercantile from the manufacturer to the wholesaler / wholesaler to the retailer or from the retailer to the end user customer. The nature and make of both the types of products are different. For the bulk packaging, the hard cardboard boxes are used whereas for the delivery of the consumer, the delicate or the fine material may be used to make the boxes.

Iprintingco.com offers five different types and designs of the packaging boxes for the delivery of the products to the consumers, which are; cardboard, corrugated and custom packaging boxes. These boxes can be made with any type of material, in any size, any color, and any shape; depending upon your business requirements, marketing plan of the company and the marketing mix of the product for which the boxes are being made.

The material for the consumer product boxes can be made, typically, with soft or hard cardboard but some other type of material can also be used for the products. Along with colored, white, multi-colored cardboard, the UV coated material, PVC plastic or the sometimes metal or metal foiled material can also be applied to make boxes.

Images and text can be printed with any combination of colors but for the children or ladies’ products, the combination of rich, dense, full, bright, sharp, glowing, vibrant, lively, light/colored reflecting or eye-catching colors are applied. Embossing and the stamping of the boxes are also widely applied whereas for some of the high-priced, famous branded or luxury products, such as the jewelry items / watches / mobile devices, the Gold / Silver foiled material may also be applied.

The cheap and the best quality boxes are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size of the consignment.                

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