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Envelopes are typically used to wrap the document before sending to the destination in order to keep the document, safe and confidential. The envelope and documents are an inseparable part of the communication. More than ninety percent of the documents are sent in any such type of the cover. Different types and designs of covers are in the market for the use of greeting cards, invitations, love/affiliation messages, academic transcripts, official documents or sometimes, the bills/invoices/receipts are returned to the customers in beautifully addressed covers. Different type of messages is printed on them other than the address of the receiver, depending upon the documents inside them.

Five different types and designs of the document covers are printed for you by Iprintingco.com are; 1 colored, full colored, non-window, number 10 and window envelopes. These can be printed in any size, any shape and in any combination of colors, depending your business requirements. Different type of envelope can be used for different type of documents.

The material in wide usage is paper (white, shining white, single colored, multi-colored, glazed and laminated) but for some type of documents, such as secret or classified documents, soft or hard cardboard may also be used for the safe and confidential delivery of the documents.

The images and text on the envelopes are printed in rich, dense, full, bright, sharp, shining, glowing lively, vibrant or eye-catching colors may be used for printing them for the documents, being sent to the children, wedding / birthday or anniversary occasion or the love letters. But, for the serious documents, the CMYK basic colors are applied.

Cheap and the good quality envelopes are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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