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Door Hangers

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Door Hangers

Door Hangers are those kinds of tags which are hung to the door to convey some message or simply to identify them. The door hangers are mostly used on the doors of hotel rooms to convey messages like ‘do not disturb’, ‘not at home’ or ‘lunch time’ etc.

These tags are also used in offices and homes to label different rooms like the meeting rooms in the office might be labeled with ‘in meeting’ or kids room in the house might be labeled with their  name to show that this room belongs to them.

The hangers printed by us come in a variety of shapes and sizes where we offer 4 x 9-inch hangers, die-cut hangers, and standard shapes like rectangular and round hangers. The die-cut hanger allows us to print any kind of shape or your logo on the hangers. You can also choose to have the hangers printed with names like ‘do not disturb’ etc.

We offer the hanger printing in different materials including the cardboard and plastics. The cardboard printed hangers are usually classic looking and they are preferred by most people. But, our customers can also get the hangers for doors printed in plastics where they are offered two options. The vinyl plastics can be transparent in size while the PVC plastic printed hangers are usually solid in color. The plastic hangers are also waterproof which means you can use them in any environment.

All the hangers printed by us have can have full-color on them which means you will be able to get any kind of color or pattern of colors on the hangers. We can also print full-colored images on the hangers.

We offer cheap rates for the printing of the door hangers where our customers are offered attractive packages with cheap rates and suitable quantity. To keep the overall charges to the minimum, we also offer free shipping of all the ordered items.

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