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Counter Cards

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Counter Cards

If you are looking for some kind of business can be used on the counters to display information about business’s information as well as products then the counter cards are made right for you. These counter cards are usually places on the front desks, sales counters and front desks of the offices.

These cards are used to give the quick information about different services and products and they are designed in such a way that they are able to attract maximum number of customers. They are usually placed on

These cards are places on counters after following the principle that once a customer visits the counter of the business, they have few free seconds between the order placement and the receiving the order. That time of few seconds is the one which a customer spends looking around the different items in the premises and these counter cards, if places on correct places might be able to convey your information and get attention towards your product.

These counter cards are printed from paper material which look simple but, once added with eye-popping colors, they will become attractive.

The counter cards are available in different shapes where traditional ones like square and rectangle are the most common ones. Custom option is also available you can choose to have your desired text printed on your desired shape.

Our printed cards can further be customized by getting embossed or stamped with your logo while the foiling can be used to get shine in gold or silver.

We print the counter cards at cheap rates where overall pricing is kept to minimum. We also ship all ordered items for free throughout United States.

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