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CD Jackets

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CD Jackets

CD’s also known as Compact Discs rapidly became the international standard to transfer your personal data, audio and videos files as well as your images to other places in the world. These CD’s are used by companies to transfer their data as well as to make backup of your important data.

These CD’s are used for almost every kind of data transferring and they can also be used when you want to share your data with other people. Business, bands and artists use these CD’s to provide their music albums to public. So, the jackets in which the CD’s are packed must also be attractive if you want your CD’s to sell.

We offer custom CD printing services for CD jackets where many different kinds of jackets are printed by us. We offer 2 panel CD jackets as well as 4 panels and 6 panels printing where each panel in these jackets can be used to carry different CD’s in them.

The jackets can be printed from different kind of materials including the cardboard and plastics. The cardboard printed materials are mostly used to make sure the jacket of your CD looks simple yet attractive while the plastics can be printed in different colors with added durability. The vinyl printed jackets are transparent which makes them idea for use if you also want to give the inside look of CD’s.

The CD jackets can be printed with full-colors on them which lets our customers get full-colored images on the jackets.

Our customers can also choose to get the CD jackets printed at cheap rates and also get them delivered free of cost at your doorsteps anywhere in the United States.

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