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Calendars are the most popular and generally applied mechanism to display the dates, months, and years of the specified era and time. Though the major function of the calendar is to display date but many are used for the advertisements, promotion, publicity, introduction, to give specific message about some cause, charity, and wall / room decoration. Typically, many types of calendar are in use but mostly the hanging ons are being used though other types of calendars are also in use.

Seven different types and kinds of calendar designs, being offered by Iprintingco.com, are; 1 Page, 12 Page, 6 Page, Card, Custom, poster and Wall ones. They can be printed in any color, any design, any shape and in any size, depending upon your business / non-business requirements and as per your marketing plan of the company for the advertisement, promotion or publicity. You can get the calendar to give your specific message and call in addition to the display of the date.          

The calendars are typically printed on the paper (thick, superfine, white, colored, multi-colored, shining, light-reflecting, glazed or laminated) or soft or hard cardboard, depending upon your choice of the designs. Other materials can also be applied to print calendars, such as UV coated material, clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic or some type of fabric.

The images and text can be printed in any rich and dense combination of full, bright, shining, glowing, light-reflecting, vibrant, lively and eye-catching spectrum of colors. The images can be printed with a different combination of colors while the text may be printed with CMYK basic colors.

The cheap and good quality calendars are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.        

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