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Business Cards

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Business Cards

Business cards are a hot popular type of cards which are used not only in business circles but also widely used, globally. Business cards are use basically to introduce you as individual or your company/entity. Along with the names, your designation, current status, your business/home address, cell number or email are particularly printed on business cards. The persons, enjoying more than two current profiles/statuses, can use two-folded cards. Some of the cards are used for the publicity, promotion, advertisement or some introductory purposes. 

Iprintingco.com offers five different types and designs of the business cards, which are; custom, Die-Cut, embossed, folding and standard business cards. These cards can be printed in any size, any color or any shape, depending upon your business requirements or company.

Business cards are typically printed on soft cardboard or good quality thick paper (superfine, glazed or laminated). Some person used the strong and durable PVC plastic material to get the cards printed which can be used again and again for many times. Normally, white colored material is applied for the printing of the cards but if the cards are to accompany some product, the material choice or color outlay may be different.

Text, or sometimes images, can be printed with different combination of the colors but for the simple official introductory business card can be printed with sober, decent and mature color combination. Normally, CMYK basic colors are applied for the printing. Embossed and stamped printing is popular whereas some of the high-quality cards, introducing your business entity can be printed in full and bright colors. Cards which may accompany some luxury products may be printed on Gold / Silver foiled material.              

The cheap and best qualities of the printed business cards are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States.

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